April 27, 2015 Monkey

Some help choosing a designer

Pretty much anyone can say they’re a designer, and quite often too many do. So when looking for that special someone to design you that logo, brochure or web… make sure you have a look around. And please don’t do it by price… it wont help. Too cheap or Too expensive wont get you a great design, but a portfolio will!  Look; there are thousands of us choose from, but only a handful of us are worth using. So if you don’t want to make one of the 4 most common mistakes…

Sometimes we get it wrong… but mostly we get it right

What’s their work like: Check out their portfolio, and if you like what they do then you’ll both be starting from the same point. If you still want more proof  have a look at their recent work, as any designer worth their salt will only put out their greatest hits. Recent work however, includes b-sides and album tracks if you know what I mean.

Look for Testimonials: When nobody has anything good to say about them it’s probably because they haven’t done anything good. You’ll be surprised how many designers do underwhelming stuff that goes unnoticed, but still get work because they’re either charming or quirky. Remember you’re looking for a designer not a first date.

Prices: Don’t look for the cheapest or the most expensive… look for someone you want. However, get all the ugly stuff like money out in the open first (so many projects breakdown because of it). Agree a price or budget before and check with designer at points through the process that your’e still on track. Things to look out for; RFI (royalty free images) can jack up prices so be sure if you ask for photos that you don’t change your mind. Also, unnecessary changes and back and forth. This will turn your designer against you and they will end up charging for anything outside of your agreement.  The designer shouldn’t have to pay for clients indecision.

Copyright Ask and ask again, as this could be the biggest one of the lot. I have seen so many companies and organisations (including the NHS) get ripped off at a later date, because the designer placed a caveat on the deal preventing use use of a design or logo when you use  another source. Only pay for it once! Believe me… it happens more than you think. So get in writing that your the owner of the design in whole after the designer has signed it over to you.

So there you have it. I hope this has been some help choosing a designer. Good luck and remember if you follow these tips you’ll end up with something you like and a designer for life. But please remember to water our egos every once in a while… we’re a precious bunch always looking for approval.


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