Midas Van House Clearance

I recently created both, logo identity, with accompanying card design and a interactive website for a startup house clearance company based in Bournemouth.

Midas Van House Clearance
Logo design, business card design and web design

Midas Van House Clearance are a company that trade on “old values” And after researching their market I wanted to explore and focus on around this element of their business.

The instantly recognisable logo design I created, represents community through its illustration. I also used a vintage palette to help anchor the design, which I carried on through the web branding.

Let’s Face it, our houses are more than just stuff! They’re memories and memento’s of life. So All the images I created for for the site have a family home feel. I wanted to project the design as a persons home. Because of this, the website is both striking and intuitive and helps build a brand confidence with the visitor.

The site is designed for ease of use on all devices, as more and more of us surf the web via mobile or tablet. I have a strong belief in the use of space, so I only display images and information that have the right to be there. Anything else is bin fodder and is an alien to the design in my mind.

“AWESOME web page man! I love it from here to the moon a million times! I knew that it was going to be just awesome! I just can’t thank you enough man!”

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