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I Dribbble

Dribbble is something of “the promised land” for designers. Many of us try to get in and most of us don’t. You can’t buy, beg or friend your way in to this exclusive club. The only way in is by produce amazing work and if your’e lucky, they’ll invite you

A Show and Tell for designers from around the world

So what is Dribble? Well basically it’s like Behance, where you can showcase your work and invite discussion. However, where this differs greatly from all other portfolio sites, is that it’s an invite only! So you just can’t join and show work, you have to earn your your right to be there. This ensures the sites credibility and exclusivity for organisations, searching for candidates to fill their next design project.

Below is part of an article, written by Nick Summers

“I can remember, in fairly vivid detail, the first time I was told about Dribbble. One of my housemates at university was a graphic designer and was hooked by the idea of becoming a ‘player’ on the service. (That’s not to say he was a hit with the ladies by the way, it’s just the term given to Dribbble’s users.)

It was a few years ago now and at the time, the service was still invite-only. A limited number of invites were randomly assigned to users, controlling the number of designers that were ‘prospects’ and ‘players’.

Dribbble quickly became the web-equivalent of a college basketball team. Everyone wanted to be involved. It was a trendy place to be seen. The platform appeared to be accepting only the very best designers and with it came a sense of status and respect.

The exposure and hype surrounding the service quickly grew and despite Dribbble’s relatively low userbase, the number of people interested in the site grew exponentially”

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This is sort of a big deal. So if you gawk at some of my prices (and I hope you don’t) please remember the value I can bring to your next design project 🙂


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