Day Thrill Branding

I was lucky enough to be asked to create a logo and supporting branding material for a London based niche travel operator.

Day Thrill UK
Logo design, stationery design and web design

Day Thrill, are a subscription company, offering niche world travel experiences to people who want to drink all they can from life’s cup. It was very important that their brand not only reflected this, be instantly connect too. I created a logo, destination pictogram icon, business cards, stationery, and mini-site.

The main logo represents the child like excitement we all get, when planning our trips. The typography was designed to have a carefree feel to it, which I underpinned with the paper plane to represent effortless travel.
The sub branding icon is my take on a the traditional destination icon. Basically, it translate the the emotions you feel when you know how happy you are being there, and not here.

The supporting branding is based around world travel, helping better connect with its demographic. The route plan forms its a border, whilst the underline, the equator.

“After an endless stream of bad experiences with cheap designers I was glad to discover Warren. He has a very clear style and is able translate raw ideas into beautiful designs. I recommend Warren a thousand times over.”


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